What does it mean to be against Radical Islam?
Radical Islam includes the following concepts:

  • Intolerance of other beliefs and the requirement that Radical Islam must dominate all other doctrines.
  • Hate crimes against both secular and religious people.
  • Declaring war on people in order to spread their version of Political Islam.
  • Killing of apostates.
  • Killing of homosexuals.
  • Beating of women and stoning them to death for adultery.
Radical Islam has caused severe damage to both Muslims and Non-Muslims. In order to defeat it, all of us, irrespective of our faith and nationality, must unite against it. A true moderate person or organization must be able to immediately denounce the above concepts and stand publicly and unambiguously against them.  We are absolutely not defining Islam as “Radical Islam,” and HRCARI welcomes Muslim involvement in combating this hateful ideology.

Is HRCARI Against Muslims?

HRCARI is absolutely not against Muslims.  This coalition supports the human rights of people around the world, most certainly including Muslims.  Radical Islam is born via hate education disseminated towards otherwise peaceful Muslims, transforming such people into Radical Muslims.

Teaching children to hate and kill is the worst form of child abuse a parent can inflict upon their children and the rest of society. By combating such hate education HRCARI supports the human rights of Muslims around the globe.

Our coalition includes non-Radical Muslims, who are vital in our efforts to confront Radical Islam.  The issue of Radical Islam is just as important (if not more) to non-Radical Muslims, whom are amongst the most active members of our community. If you have any concerns, please email us at info@hrcari.org and a Coalition volunteer will get back to you.

Why are you targeting Radical Islam and not other radical ideologies?

We are against all forms of supremacism, however we believe that only one form of supremacism is a global threat that affects people of almost every race, color and creed – that is Radical Islam.  We do not and will not ever support any form of supremacism. We fully support the effort of those fighting supremacism and other radical ideologies around the world. 

What is this organization?

We are a grassroots multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-ethnic coalition composed of individuals and organizations who are uniting to make the world a safer place for everyone by tackling what we see as one of the most dangerous ideologies sweeping the world.

What are our goals?

Our goal is to educate the world  about the dangers of Radical Islam in order to spur a united front against Radical Islamists.

Do you have another question?

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Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam (HRCARI)